A recent survey undertaken by the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has highlighted a worrying inconsistency of how local authorities are inspecting and licensing pet shops.
There are differences in the charges applied, guidance used to assess pet shop licence conditions and the officers carrying out the inspections.
Each local authority has the discretionary power to charge for their licences and also who they appoint as responsible for undertaking the inspections. However in relation to guidance used to assess pet shop licence conditions, there’s no excuse!
In September 2013 the CIEH Model Conditions of Pet Vending Licensing were published. This document aims to provide a basic minimum standard to ensure the health, safety and welfare of animals in pet shops. Having read through the document the layout is user friendly, clear and concise. The document is as it says ‘model conditions’. It provides the reader with model conditions for all types animal within a pet shop and in addition, if more information is required on a specific aspect there are guidance notes for each condition provided. These really are model conditions and are an excellent tool to provide a consistent approach to pet shop licensing. I would urge all regulatory departments to update their local licence conditions now.
Click here for a copy of the CIEH Model Conditions of Pet V

Pet Shop Licensing